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EPA Announces Fifth Order Requiring Holyoke to Fix High-Priority CSO Discharges

Filed under: Construction Law by News Staff at 2:10 am on February 16, 2005

Press Release

BOSTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today announced it has issued the fifth in a series of administrative orders requiring the city of Holyoke take action to reduce untreated sewage flowing into the Connecticut River.

The city's wastewater treatment plant takes both sewage and storm water runoff. Due to the lack of capacity, the pipes – known as combined sewer overflows, or CSOs – are designed to overflow after heavy rains, resulting in wastewater being discharged directly into the Connecticut River.

The overflows that occur in Holyoke discharge as many as 500 million gallons of wastewater into the Connecticut River in a ...[read more]

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