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The following information and links may be helpful to construction companies, home improvement contractors, residents and others involved in the building and remodeling trades in the state of CT.

Note: Contractors and those performing Home Improvements, regardless of whether they are an individual or business are required to register (and obtain a license if required), from the Department of Consumer Protection, before performing work or engage in contracting on residential property. In the state of CT, a "Home Improvement" is considered "any permanent change to residential property".

More Info for CT Contractors

  • www.ct.gov - official State of Connecticut website.

  • www.ct.gov/dcp - CT Department of Consumer Protection, (DCP), regulates trades and issues licenses. Application and renewal forms are online for many trades.

  • www.ask-dcp.ct.gov/lookup/ - look up contractor / home improvement company's trade license.

  • www.ct-clic.com - Connecticut Licensing Information Center, rules, regulations, news, online forms and other resources.

  • Elderly / Disabled Remodeling - information on state of CT programs and services for older citizens and persons with disabilities.

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