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MA Municipal Bid: 30,000 SF Resilient Floor Tile Replacement

FRAMINGHAM, MA - In accordance with MGL c. 149, Framingham Public Schools requests bids for removal and replacement of resilient floor tile at Juniper Hill School, 29 Upper Joclyn Avenue, Framingham, MA 01701. The existing ~30,000 SF of existing floor tile, some of which contains asbestos, will be removed and replaced with new VCT during […]

Smart Home Theater & HD T.V. Equipment

WyreStorm HDMI / Home Theater Products

Press Release Memphis, TN - Professional home entertainment & systems integration dealers as well as the Audio / Video enthusiast have a new option for high-quality, affordable HDMI products. WyreStorm products have been created to meet the needs of one of the nation's leading residential systems integration firms. They are now available through their helpful […]

Hiring a Home Heating Oil Contractor

Home heating oil tank gauge reading.

Is price per gallon the best factor? New England winters can be tough, and home heating fuel costs can make things even tougher. If you're like many people in the North Eastern U.S.A, you heat your home with oil, and recent surges in petroleum prices have caused your heating bill to double (or more) in […]

Contractors Benefit from Builder's Slump

When Bad News is Good News New England contractors who deal primarily with new construction may be feeling the pinch as the new housing market drys up in some parts of the six state, (ME, NH, VT, MA, CT and RI), region. Besides counting people and where they live, the U.S. Census Bureau also keeps […]

Contractors Make Money Saving Energy

LOGO - U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

N.E. Business Double Savings over Last Year Contractors have a unique opportunity to help property owners save money and help the environment. Green is sweeping into construction in many ways. While some green building practices simply help the environment by reducing the need for raw plant materials, and others offer reductions in carbon footprint for […]

Upturn in New England Commercial Construction

Architects are the first to know While the residential housing boom has all but flat-lined, it appears that developers are investing or planning to invest in building or renovating more large scale commercial projects. New England area architects serving the commercial building sector report an increase in new plans and projects in the past 24 […]

Should I replace my Thermostat?

PHOTO - Programmable Thermostat

I've heard it will save a lot of home heating fuel. Boston, MA - a homeowner recently asked if they should replace the thermostat in their home. They had owned the house for over ten years, and wanted to know if it would do any good to change the thermostat since the heating system itself […]

How do I figure out stair treads and risers?

Can I measure in inches and use a Calculator? Q: I am building a wooden deck and have a general idea about how to build stairs. I want to get each step and riser to be exactly the same, but my calculator does not convert decimal numbers to fractions. I want to experiment with different […]

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