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The state of Rhode Island requires any business which performs commercial or residential / home construction, remodeling, or repairs to register with the Contractors' Registration Board. Special regulations are in place for commercial roofers, plumbers, electricians and other trades.

Information about RI Contractor Licensing can be found on the state website. (see links below). You can check a contractors license status using the online searchable database.

There is also a 'Contractor Watchlist' which lists all contractors with invalid, suspended or revoked licenses or those who have had substantial complaints filed against them.

RI Contractor License Info: https://www.crb.ri.gov/crb_2.htm

Check a Contractors License: https://www.crb.ri.gov/search.php

Watchlist (Unregistered Contractors): https://www.crb.ri.gov/watchlist.php

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