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Baker J. Removal & Demolition Service - Full service demolition and waste removal. Also offers dumpster rental. Serves all areas of Massachusetts.... [read more].

Deconstruction Works - specializes in the salvage and reuse (green demolition) of houses, outbuildings, and commercial interiors in Vermont and New Hampshire. Deconstruction of all types of structures from sheds and commercial interior guts to lake-front property take-downs. Also strips out kitchens and baths prior to remodeling.... [read more].

LPC-Removal Service - Provides demolition, disposal and recycling services for clients in Greater Boston and parts of Cape Cod. Demolition includes interior and exterior gutting and plant and tree removal. Will remove up to 18 yards of material. Smaller loads are prorated. also provide light excavation, concrete and asphault demolition and removal. Prices based on volume and type of material.... [read more].

Rubblemakers - Uses specialty equipment for demolition and removal projects ranging from conventional demolition to industrial projects such as office buildings and medical centers to projects involving nuclear power plants and reactors.... [read more].

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