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Cummings Well & Pump Services Inc.
1040 Princeton Street, Suite #1001
Jefferson, MA 01522 (USA)

Phone: (508) 829-0080

Fax: (508) 829-0079

Email: cummingswellandpump@aol.com

Website: http://www.cummingswellandpump.com/

Local well and pump repair company. We specialize in assisting well owners with all of their water well needs. Whether they have no water emergency situations or have low pressure problems. Cummings Well & Pump Services can easily troubleshoot diagnose and rectify any well related problems or concerns. We install new wells either when wells go dry and a well replacement is necessary or for new construction. We offer emergency fast well pump repair services when your well pump stops working or you have no water. Have your well pump system periodically maintained in order to extend the life of your current system. We also install and replace water storage tanks. A expansion tank for a well system can fail causing further damage to the pump system if it is not replaced. A well maintenance inspection can determine if your water bladder/diaphragm tank is in need of replacement.

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