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Smart Home Theater & HD T.V. Equipment

June 15, 2009 (9:12 am EST)
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Press Release

WyreStorm HDMI / Home Theater Products
WyreStorm HDMI / Home Theater Products

Memphis, TN - Professional home entertainment & systems integration dealers as well as the Audio / Video enthusiast have a new option for high-quality, affordable HDMI products.

WyreStorm products have been created to meet the needs of one of the nation's leading residential systems integration firms. They are now available through their helpful and informative website.

The WyreStorm line of HDMI cables, matrix switchers, and other products has been developed in conjunction with the technical staff at Phoenix Unequaled Home Entertainment. Phoenix is an award winning, industry recognized systems integration firm based in Memphis, Tennessee with projects that have been published in many trade magazines as well as enthusiast publications.

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Hiring a Home Heating Oil Contractor

November 2, 2007 (8:13 pm EST)
Filed under: Residential Contracting by Randy Harris

Is price per gallon the best factor?

Home heating oil tank gauge reading.
Typical residential home heating oil tanks in New England hold 275 gallons of oil. Most tanks have a small glass gauge on top showing quarter-tank increments. The last quarter of a tank is usually less than accurate due to sludge, sediment or water in tank. In the coldest months it is advisable to order oil any time gauge shows 1/4 or less.

New England winters can be tough, and home heating fuel costs can make things even tougher.

If you're like many people in the North Eastern U.S.A, you heat your home with oil, and recent surges in petroleum prices have caused your heating bill to double (or more) in the past few years.

Due to seasonal fluctuations in pricing, many fuel oil companies offer programs to help spread the cost over the entire year. Others offer a low per-gallon "C.O.D." price. Before discussing "cost", knowing the oil company's lingo will help. Below are some of the terms used and

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Contractors Benefit from Builder's Slump

September 14, 2007 (7:03 am EST)
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When Bad News is Good News

New England contractors who deal primarily with new construction may be feeling the pinch as the new housing market drys up in some parts of the six state, (ME, NH, VT, MA, CT and RI), region.

Besides counting people and where they live, the U.S. Census Bureau also keeps track of home many privately owned new housing units are being built.

By collecting data on building permits, (when they are approved and when they are completed), the bureau can paint of good picture of how many and where new homes in the U.S. are being built.

The bad news? In New England states, new building starts are ...[read more]

Lewiston Landlord Will Make Improvements and Pay Fine to Address Lead Issues

February 16, 2005 (2:15 am EST)
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From EPA Office of Public Affairs

Press Release

BOSTON - The owners of seven apartment units in the Lewiston area have agreed to pay a fine and to replace windows and doors containing lead-based paint at one of their residential housing properties in Auburn, ME to settle EPA charges that the companies failed to notify prospective tenants of risks from exposure to lead-based paint.

The Portland-based companies, Pier Properties, Inc. and Atlantic Holdings, LLC own and lease properties in several locations in Maine. EPA's investigation showed that the companies failed to notify tenants, as required by law, that there may have been lead-based paint within the living quarters of leased apartments, and failed to notify tenants of ...[read more]

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